unicorn Welcome to my garden unicorn
This is my place to keep and share those things which have touched me in some way.   Joy and laughter, sorrow and pain, peace, hope, friendship, and love. All are here somewhere.

Like all wild places, there is no formal structure here just paths worn by the passing of many feet and secluded places.   Explore them all.   Enjoy your visit.

One rule: Love thy neighbor as thyself.

One philosophy: The greatest gift that one can give is the gift of self:
one's time, one's attention, one's laughter, one's help, one's love.

My garden, like all gardens, is in a constant state of change.   Come back often and discover what is new or enjoy something old.

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  Finally our dream is becoming reality.   In the summer of 2005
we began building our dream home down at ChiggerHill.


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If something moves you, here or
in your life, share it with me.  
Perhaps we can become friends.
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